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Kiran Budhrani

Kiran Budhrani, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Concentration: Learning, Design and Technology, 2022
Dissertation Title: Examining Design Knowledge and Practice Among Stem Faculty-Designers Using Visual Lesson Blueprints, UNC Charlotte

Christa Guilbaud

Christa Guilbaud, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, 2019
Dissertation Title: Faculty Perception of Knowledge and Practice in Designing and Implementing Accessible Online Courses, UNC Charlotte

Kao Vang

Kao Vang, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, 2018
Dissertation Title: Community College Faculty Perception of Preparedness to Teach Online, UNC Charlotte

Enoch Park

Enoch Park, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, 2018
Dissertation Title: Student success in a large-size hybrid learning course – a study of student backgrounds, online video quizzes, and persistence, UNC Charlotte

Brandon Simmons, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, 2014
Dissertation Title: Perceived Implementation Barriers of a one-to-one Initiative in a Large Urban School District, UNC Wilmington