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North Carolina State University, NC

ECI 515: Cultural Investigations and Technical Representations in Education
ECI 517: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Learning Environments
ECI 716: Design and Evaluation of Instructional Materials
ECI 722: Theory and Research in Distance Education

University of North Carolina Charlotte, NC

ELDT 5100: Technology Integration in Education
ADMN 8695: Advanced Seminar in Teaching and Learning
ADMN8000/6000: Special Topics: Educational Policies and Practices in China and India
EIST 8102/6102: Research in Instructional Systems Technology
EIST 8110/6110: Instructional Design
EIST 8120/6120: Current Trends in Instructional Systems Technology
EIST 8130/6130: Instructional Multimedia Development
EIST 8150/6150: Design, Development and Evaluation of Online Learning Systems
EIST 8170/6170: Human Performance Technology
EIST 6491: Internship in Instructional Systems Technology
EIST 6492: Capstone project in Instructional Systems Technology
EIST 6800: Individual Study in Instructional Systems Technology

University of North Carolina Wilmington, NC

MIT 511: Multimedia Design and Development
MIT 513: Computer-Based Instruction
MIT 540: Colloquium I
MIT 541: Colloquium II
MIT 502: Systematic Approach to Performance Improvement
MIT 530: Evaluation and Change Management
MIT 510: Design and Development of Instructional Technology
MIT 595: Design and Development of Mobile Learning
EDN 303: Instructional Technology

Walden University

EIDT 6501: Training and Development
EIDT 6135: Distance Learning
EIDT 6100: Instructional Design
EIDT 6110: Advanced Instructional Design
EIDT 6130: Program Evaluation

Arizona State University, AZ

EDT 321: Computer Literacy
EDT 323: Computer Applications